Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Not Right?? My 25

So, theres this phenom on facebook called "My 25 Random Facts". So at first I, like most, just brushed it off like one of those chain messages. Buuut, this is gettin interesting, especially when you are bored like I am right now (look at the post time lol)....So blah blah blah, heres my 25 (plus a few extras)

1. I been DJ-ing since the age of 6.

2. Soca > Hip-Hop

3. My addiction to LRG has went down a lot.

4. I always wear 2 pairs of shorts when I'm in the house.

5. When I first hit the club scene, I wanted to stay a "West Indian DJ"

6. Don't think cuz I don't play soca week in, week out that I still can't move a FETE.

7. I haven't been to a fete since 07 (always working)

8. Thank You Black Spider & Ready Set Go.....BIG HELP ON GETTIN ME TO WHERE I AM TODAY

9. I have never been to Trinidad Carnival.....shame I know

10. West Indians do it better. Whats "it"? Everything.

11. I only watch cartoons.

12. "Live everyday as if it were you last".....I take that statement VERY seriously.

13. House Parties over Clubs anyday (still go to clubs tho cuz I'm there lmao)

14. Carnival is my pastime.

15. My first paid gig was at the age of 12.

16. I'm very modest......but I know lol I

17. I miss those people at UMD.....been a while I know yall

18. I want to transition into the Techno scene one day.

19. I hate mushrooms.

20. I'm too nice.

21. I really want to go back to school...

22. I didn't go to Prom.

23. I've DJed all my birthday parties so far.

24. I use Dove soap/deodorant.

25. My DJ name fits my personality....everything I do is..........different.

26. I haven't been to LOVE in 3 years.

27. My "lifestyle" is a gift and a curse at the same time.

28. I meditate.

29. I take about 15 pills a but it iswhat it is

30. I have 1/2 a knee cap in one leg. ew I know

31. Last but not least....FORESTVILLE::444......Best place to ever grow up at.

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