Monday, February 2, 2009

I Need To Start Thinkin of Titles

Been a minute since I been on here.....lets see.....where to start??

OUTSIDERS MOVEMENT IS "lil" brother Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy released his long long long awaited mixtape, "M.O. Betta Vol. 1", and I'm going on record to say that my boy has went certified HOOD GOLD (as far as DMV mixtapes go). 1000 downloads in under 4 days.....nuff said. Mixed by yours truly of course, the mixtape is on its way to being a classic (Yes I said it, CLASSIC)....On a serious note.....we thank everyone for lending us your ears. Lets keep this momentum going fellas!!!

B.P Cooper, Mr. C. Double O. P-E-R coming mid February.....make a note of it.

Alright, onto the recaps.

Republic: BSU came through this week and shut shit down.....and talk about GIRL ON GIRL ACTION. Shoutouts to Bowie State for that one lol.....Regular night.....drunk girls, even more drunks fellas(which didn't end well but I won't go into it). Overall good night.......I will now take this time to show thanks: ICE THE VILLAIN, THANK YOU FOR FINALLY GETTIN ON THE MIC AND ROCKING SHIT CORRECTLY. That is all lol

FUR: Shut the Main Arena down........thats it. I took a day off to head to richmond wit my boys to show support for my homie DJ Korrect. Long story short, we didn't make it inside the party due to some............Identification issues....blower.....but hey, got to chill wit my brothers for a night so no big deal.

Gotta get some rest, Goadometalk Interview tomorrow night @ PURE..........SUPPORT THE ARTIRTS FOLKS....THEY WORKING HARD OUT HERE.....BOGARDING lmao

P.S.:: Mouse performed tonight @ Felix....YEEEEAAAAA

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout homie!! THANK YOU For being a kick-ass DJ!

    I'm late on the comment, my bad lol!